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The Student Hotel Dresden

Retro Memphis- and Berlin 80s-chic

The Student Hotel Dresden

With the idea of creating an inspiring space for young entrepreneurs, game changers and big dreamers, Charlie MacGregor established the first The Student Hotel in Rotterdam in 2008. It was soon followed by an expansion abroad, which is why the first German hotel on the Prager Straße in Dresden opened its doors on 27 November 2018. The hotel has 306 rooms with co-living and co-working rooms.

In addition to the many facilities for regular hotel guests, the former IBIS Hotel also has rooms that students can rent for a semester or an entire year. In cooperation with the designers of TSH we were commissioned to develop a unique and inspiring lighting concept that compliments the modern interior.

The Student Hotel Dresden

A true design hotel

The Student Hotel clearly distinguishes itself from other hotels in terms of design. Wherever you look, you’ll see eye-catching looks. According to the initiators, the ostentatious combination of Retro Memphis- and Berlin 80s chic perfectly reflects the dynamics of The Student Hotel, its guests and its surroundings: “A place where creative minds from all countries and disciplines can come together. The exuberant style is also clearly reflected in our lighting concept, so that the lighting seamlessly matches the feeling that TSH wants to convey.

“Nothing is standard or “ordinary” in this concept. Because every room has a unique appearance, or a different feeling, we have made use of custom-made lighting and fixtures”

The Student Hotel Dresden

What have we done

Basic lighting

Of course, you need a basis to start with. Throughout the hotel we used trimless recessed spotlights. The borderless spotlights are not only beautiful, but also very popular and are used by leading architects from all over the world. These spotlights are equipped with a high quality and energy efficient LED module. For example, TSH can reduce the energy costs of the lighting by up to 80% and maintenance of the lighting is often no longer or hardly necessary.

In addition, in various rooms, such as the classrooms, we have used three-phase rails and adjustable spotlights to give the rooms more emphasis.

TSH cage lights

These cage lights, or cage lights, were custom made and painted in the characteristic yellow colour of the house style.

TSH Ufo lamps

The round white disc lights are used throughout the hotel and serve as atmospheric lighting above the seats, lounge areas and the hotel and catering industry. Just like the cage lamps, these lamps have a filament bulb with a warm white light color (2700K).