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A relaxing start of your flight

The Cloud Club

The Cloud Club Eindhoven Airport

Pack your bag, get in the car or taxi, get stuck in traffic, check in, wait, passport control and then finally get on the plane. The holidays can begin. If you are going on a holiday or business trip by plane, the start can be rather hectic and stressful. Once behind customs you only have the feeling that you can relax and that the journey can start. Time to relax with a fresh cup of coffee, a juice or a lunch and forget everything around you: Welcome to The Cloud Club.

The concept of The Cloud Club is intended as a kick-off of your holiday and is based on meeting, arriving on time and relaxing to start your holiday. The concept is packed with fun features such as a sign at your table that you can turn on when other guests are allowed to sit with you at the table, a timer that goes off when you have to leave for the gate, wireless phone chargers integrated in the tables and trays that are stored on luggage trolleys.

“The Cloud Club is a new, very exciting bar in Eindhoven Airport”

The Cloud Club Eindhoven Airport

What have we done?

An establishment such as The Cloud Club is all about atmosphere, warmth and a welcome atmosphere where you can relax for a while and make yourself feel like a holidaymaker. Once the guests have arrived, the next step is to let them choose from the products. Think of a cup of coffee or tea, a lunch or a snack. After all, you don’t want your guests to leave without them having had a drink and a bite to eat. Your products don’t sell themselves and that’s why it’s important to emphasize, accentuate and highlight your products. We have achieved this by using custom rail spotlights equipped with innovative food LED modules. As you can see, there is a lot of work involved in illuminating a hospitality company. This is also the case at The Cloud Club.

By using custom lighting, we have ensured that the lighting accurately meets the wishes and needs of the room, situation and purpose.

“In collaboration with Creneau International and Vermaat, we were able to create a sophisticated, state-of-the-art lighting concept”

The Cloud Club Eindhoven Airport

Create the feeling of being at home

The seating areas, tables and lounges are equipped with basic lighting through the use of a custom rail system. In this rail system we used flexibly applicable rail spots of the brand Keylight. These spots are equipped with an innovative LED module with a unique Dim-to-Warm function. All spotlights can be adjusted and dimmed in light colour and intensity as desired by means of the high-quality Rako home automation system. This system is programmed with four unique scenes, so that the light always matches the use of the space.

In addition to the basic lighting, we have accentuated the rooms with atmospheric decorative lighting. Throughout the establishment we have used pendant fixtures, which are equipped with Segula filament lamps with a warm and golden light color. This lighting can also be switched and dimmed via the Rako home automation system.

To make the table more visible, we had a custom-made fixture with a length of over 2.7 meters made with large golden orbs on it. The wish of The Cloud Club was to have this fixture delivered in a special RAL colour which is frequently used in the interior.