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Sports and relaxation in a lively atmosphere

Knijn Bowling Amsterdam


Together with the architect and the client, we came up with a unique tailor-made lighting concept for Knijn Bowling. For example, we have placed special arches in the bar area which have been specially tailored to fit the existing arched ceiling. These arches have a wingspan of almost 6 metres and are each equipped with filament bulbs.

On both sides of the bowling we used a durable RGB-W LED strip to light up the bowling in an attractive way.

The sleekly designed bar is equipped with a series of recessed spotlights as basic lighting. In addition, with a rail system and track spots, we have illuminated the bar with atmosphere.

“A unique concept for the oldest and liveliest bowling center”

Knijn Bowling

Ambience with smart domotica

In the lighting concept we have, in cooperation with the home automation specialists of LRS solutions, also included smart home automation. This allows the customer not only to determine the light color, but also the intensity and the strength as desired. It is also possible to easily program certain scenes so that the system automatically switches the lighting on and off, adjusts or changes the light colour or brightness.

“Important is the circular aspect of this project. For example, we reused the old industrial spotlights, which were already present in the building before Denham’s arrival. The spotlights have been completely refurbished and equipped with an energy-efficient LED module”