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ABN Amro

Sustainable banking office in the Netherlands

“Make the locations where our customers come for advice more approachable, homely and, above all, more sustainable, with Amstelveen as the pilot office”, asked ABN Amro to its partners. In this easily accessible office, sustainability and the use of recycled materials were paramount. Studio Lightboxx was asked to contribute to the sustainability requirements of this office by developing a design lighting concept in which energy efficiency was the spearhead.

Banking 3.0

Circularity is an important spearhead for ABN AMRO. It has also become the basis of the Yello concept, the new and adaptable activity-based working concept that has been introduced for all ABN AMRO offices in the Netherlands. The bank offices that customers visit also needed a new and more sustainable design and image.

“The concept of bank branch 2.0 has been around for 17 years and the market has changed in the years since. Instead of a predominantly business environment, we wanted to offer our customers more comfort and homeliness. In Amstelveen we moved to a new location, a former conference building. The renovation of this building gave us the opportunity to make the inside as circular as possible – from floors, walls and ceilings to the furniture”.

Bart Bos
Projectleader at Facility Management ABN AMRO

ABN Amro Amstelveen

What have we done

In the entrance we have installed led profiles between the wooden rails in the wooden framed ceiling. These provide the entrance hall, the seats and the counter with optimal working light. Above the stairs, the atrium, the workplaces and lounges we have used sustainable suspended lamps from Secto Design. These pendant lights are made of PEFC-certified birch trees from Finland. This worldwide quality mark shows that Secto considers sustainability of paramount importance.

Throughout the entire office building there are suspended ceiling islands made of Texel wool. These islands are each equipped with 3 energy efficient recessed downlights.

To highlight a number of lively garden walls we have used sustainable trackspots. These spots are made of recycled aluminum and equipped with an energy efficient LED chip.

ABN Amro Amstelveen